When it comes to web hosting, there are so many web hosting companies around. But the many of these companies offer low quality services to their clients and customers. Choosing a top web hosting company can be difficult because there are many of them and they all will always promise heaven and earth to attract customers. You may have subscribed to their services before you realize the truth.

To avoid getting into this trap of deception, it is highly advisable to do some thorough web hosting comparisons before you make your choice. You need to have a chat with several web hosting companies and compare their services. It is also necessary to read several web hosting reviews to be well informed before you make your choice.

According to several web hosting reviews, a lot of cheap web hosting companies lie that their clients and customers get unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space. It is when you exceed certain storage and bandwidth threshold that the truth will come out as you will be prompted to make additional payment for any additional space because you have exhausted the one allocated to you.

Before you begin the necessary web hosting comparisons, you need to be aware of the services top web hosting companies offer and at what rate they offer these services. You should not base your judgment on low cost alone as ridiculously cheap web hosting services could be a big trap.

From some of the web hosting reviews pulled together, all top web hosting companies have similar features that help them attract more customers and grow their customer base rapidly. The first and the most important feature is safety and security of the websites of their customers. Great web hosts regularly update security measures on their networks to prevent hackers from gaining access into their system. Once hackers can’t gain access to their system, they can’t gain access to any of the websites of their customers and clients. This should be done at no additional cost.

Web hosting companies should allow their clients to operate as many Email accounts as they need without any restriction provided all the email accounts remain active. This also should not be at any extra cost. Although no web hosting company will give its client unlimited storage space, good ones offer large storage space. Since storage space walk hand in hand with bandwidth, large storage space is almost useless with low bandwidth. Therefore your web host should offer you the amount of bandwidth that is commensurate to the amount of storage space allocated to you.

Reliability is another feature to watch out for as you don’t want your website to experience downtime often. Your website gives visitors the first impression about your company as a whole and first impressions always linger for a long time. Visitors begin to have negative impressions about your company when your website is temporarily not available. Unavailability of site is a big sign of negligence. How will you care so much about your customers when you don’t even care about your website? If a first time visitor finds your website unavailable, he or she may conclude that the site doesn’t exist and may not check back.

One thing everybody hates is a sluggish site. Human beings are naturally impatient, so speed is a vital factor to consider when choosing your web hosting company. You website should be able to load very fast. Slow websites waste time and drive visitors away. Your web host should be able to ensure that your website will always load fast at all times. To assess the speed of your web host’s network, visit some of the websites they currently host.

According to recent statistics, internet is more accessed via mobile devices than via laptops and desktops. So every serious company should have a mobile site to enable visitors access it on the go. Top web hosting companies will ensure that your website supports all kind of mobile devices regardless of the operating system running on each mobile device.

The business of web hosting is capital intensive because good web hosting companies should always make use of state-of-the-art facilities. Nevertheless, they should be able to strike a very good balance between high operating cost and affordable services.

Every organization knows that the cheapest and most effective form of advertisement is word of mouth. So they always strive to exceed customers’ expectation all the time. And a very good way to achieve this is to provide well trained, professional and dedicated customer support team that will be available and accessible to customers 24 hours a day through multiple media.

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